How to Calculate Your Mortgage or Home Loan Payments?

Everyone dreams to have their own house. A house will probably be your largest purchase. To make this dream come true, you work hard; you earn all your life to buy a house. You take a mortgage loan and repay it throughout your life. Every month, you just pay the amount given in your loan statements. When you pay your monthly installments, have you ever wondered how that figure has arrived? Have you ever thought of trying to understand the calculation of your mortgage payments? If not, now is the time.

You are spending your hard-earned money in paying for your mortgage loan amount. How can you be sure that the mortgage company is charging you the fair amount? In the past few years, there has been a lot of financial crisis, especially in the housing sector. But people have learned from it. They are now more in control of their finances. They wish to know where and how their money is going. Thus, everyone wants to know the calculations for mortgage payments on your home.

Calculating home loan payments is not a difficult task. Many home loan calculators are available on the internet. All you need to do is provide the basic details that are: the principal amount of loan, the interest rate, and you loan tenure. You can easily calculate your monthly payment by putting in just the above details. The home loan calculator available on our site will help you to calculate your mortgage payment.

In case you wish to apply for a fresh mortgage, you can put in many combinations of the above three ingredients to get various payment options. For example, if your loan principal is $100,000, interest is 7% and term is 30 years, your EMI will be $665.30. But if you reduce the term to 20 years, the EMI will be $775.30. If you believe that you can pay an extra $90 every month, you can easily keep the tenure as 20 years. When you know how to calculate the payments, you can see what options will suit you the most. This way you can negotiate with the lender at the time of deciding the interest and tenure and the repayment schedule.

However, there are more factors that go into mortgage payments. Even if you have calculated the loan EMIs, you might find your actual monthly payments to be more than you expected. That’s generally because of taxes and insurance. So after you calculate your mortgage payments, don’t forget to add the homeowner’s insurance, taxes and private mortgage insurance to get the actual mortgage payments.

There are many benefits in learning to calculate your mortgage payments. Some of them are as follows:

• You will be in control of your finances.

• You will know how much of your payments are towards principal and how much towards interest.

• You will have the knowledge as to what accounts for your monthly mortgage bill.

• You can catch the occasional errors made during billing by the mortgage companies.

• You will know whether or not you have a good deal on your mortgage.

• You can reduce your mortgage cost by refinancing your mortgage if your current mortgage is charging very high.