Types of Transportation in Beijing

China’s capital is Beijing. There are so many great reasons to visit this city which is known for its rich culture and heritage as well as scenic landscapes. This city is well known for its many sites which have been listed under UNESCO as a World Heritage such as the Great Wall of China and Forbidden City. Travelers may be excited to visit sites and just take in what this city has to offer; however, transportation might prove to be a bit difficult especially if you are not prepared or have knowledge about the types of transportation in Beijing.

Beijing has a good network when it comes to transportation. Its roads are very well laid out which is a plus for those who are unfamiliar in the territory. It is good to get a background about the mode of transportation to know its pros and cons. To learn more about traveling around Beijing, read on.

The 3 main types of transportation include:

1. Taxi

The taxi is usually affordable for foreigners. After converting the price of the taxi, one might find that it is cheap compared to other places. One of the challenges of riding a taxi however is communicating with the driver. It is advised to have the destination that you would like to visit written down in Chinese. There are illegal taxis operating; so if you plan on taking a taxi, look for one that the plaque starts with “B” and comes in colors yellow and red. This means that this is a legal taxi. It is advisable to hire one that is already running on the road as opposed to one that is waiting on the side. Visitors can book a taxi in advance.

2. Subway

This is a convenient way to travel to avoid traffic. It is also a fast way to get around and economical too. There are several lines available for the public and is expanding.An electronic ticket is what is used to compute fare. The names of the stations are written in both Chinese and in the English which is convenient for foreigners. Subways are always on the go, having short intervals.

3. Bus

This is a recommended mode of transportation for travelers who want to have a little bit more adventure. Communicating might pose as a challenge. It is relatively cheap to ride on these and one can choose to ride between a non-airconditioned bus and an air-conditioned one.

3 Traveling Tips

· Be cautious about booking with very cheap tours. There are agencies which do not showcase the best of what Beijing can offer.

· Transportation is especially busy when it is Chinese New Year. This is the same during May 1’s Labor Day and October 1, which is National Day. It is advisable to make bookings a month in advance.

· Although it takes a week to see sites thoroughly, one can still schedule a one or two day trip by prioritizing the main attractions or preferences.