Understanding the Various Ways to Decrease Teenager Car Insurance

Due to the statistical facts that teenagers are involved in more automobile accidents that result in critical and/ or fatal injuries, the insurance companies are inclined to charge more for their car insurance coverage. Although this is a given there are things that can be focused on to help circumvent some of this expense. Most teenagers are by nature more reckless and irresponsible. This causes many of the accidents that they are credited with and causes their insurance to be placed in a higher risk category than that of an adult. However, teenagers that are responsible enough to earn high grades in school can qualify for a good student discount on their car insurance because insurance companies expect a student of this caliber to be a responsible driver also.

Adding a teenage driver to a family policy will indeed increase the premium amount, due to the fact that insurance companies see teenagers as inexperienced drivers that tend to take more risks than an adult driver does. One option parents have to help decrease the amount that teenager car insurance costs is to purchase an older vehicle. These cars were built heavier and are less likely to contribute to irresponsible actions. Insurance companies will insure an older vehicle for a more reasonable rate because of these facts and because an older car is less likely to be the focus of theft. All of these facets reduce the risk to an insurance provider and so they are able to offer coverage at a lower rate.

In addition, older vehicles are usually valued in the blue book at a lower price allowing insurance companies to insure them at a lower premium. Moreover, if one is able to buy an older car out right, without requiring a loan, they are not required to carry comprehensive or collision insurance on the car. Meaning that the only coverage required is liability, this alone can reduce the amount one contributes to teenager car insurance. Therefore, with the combination of the above positive attributes of a teenager driving an older vehicle, one is able to save quite a bit of money on their teen’s car insurance.

Other details that can factor into the lowering of insurance for a teen driver include keeping a clean driving record and choosing a higher deductible in the event of an accident. All drivers are granted a clean record in the beginning. However, one must work to keep this crystal clear or pay some steep consequences. As long as there are no traffic violations, teenager car insurance rates will decrease over a number of years. Nevertheless, one ticket or accident can do just the opposite and cause an enormous increase in premiums. In addition, if you choose you can apply high deductibles to your plan meaning that you will pay a lower premium but in the event of an accident will be required to spend more out of pocket money toward damages or injuries.