Motorcycle Helmets – One Thing That Protects You From Fatality During an Accident

The motorcycle helmet is a serious bit of gear that you wear over your head when you ride a motorcycle. In most states, the motorcycle helmet legislation makes it mandatory to wear a helmet, though a few states do not enforce this strictly. You will find more head accident injuries in states where helmets are not imperative. Statistics show beyond any doubt that wearing a motorcycle helmet would surely have prevented several head injuries and fatal accidents.

Motorcycle Helmets today, come in various sizes, shapes and patterns, including full face, open face, off-road, flip-up, and even short size helmets. However, whichever helmet you choose finally, please make sure that it meets the specifications laid down by the DOT and features a Snell rating, which guarantees the highest degree of protection and helps you at the time of making an accident insurance claim.

Everyone likes to wear what he likes, but going by safety standards, a complete full-face helmet is the best choice for its special features that not only include an extra chin bar protection, but also supports a tinted face shield that adds to the aesthetics and glamor of the helmet.

Ventilation is an important aspect in a helmet. Snug padding and close-fitting shields are all good for noise and air reduction, but misting is a problem that the manufacturers contend with by using an airframe above the chin bar to deflect the breath. Now, the latest advanced helmets are installing a ventilation system using air ducts to dispel the heat through the Styrofoam safety padding. You can go to the net and choose the ideal helmet for you. Good quality helmets provide vents at the side and front vortex, built-in exhaust vents for the neck and at the back of the helmet.

The best type of helmet for you is the full-face helmet. It is lightweight and aerodynamic, made of poly alloy shell, and uses ISO Head Foam, and boasts of good ventilation. These lightweight helmets cut the strain on your neck and shoulders, and allow you to ride faster and longer. Moreover, at top speeds, you experience reduced wind resistance.

One should never undermine the great importance of the helmet’s shell, as this may constitute the important divide between life and death in an accident. It also protects you against flying debris and rocks from hitting your head while driving. The shell, being the point of the first resistance in an accident, you must choose very carefully. They construct the shells in multiple configurations. You have three major options.

– Consider one with a molded polycarbonate shell
– Go in for one with a fiberglass construction
– Consider the expensive combination of Kevlar and carbon.

Choose a motorcycle helmet carefully after weighing all the pros and cons, as this is the one thing that protects you from fatality during an accident.