Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer – Good Way to Transport Films

For people who are always on the road, film mailers are a very convenient item. It allows you to send film for processing while one is on the road. I once traveled to San Francisco and dropped a mailer the day after I got the slides in my mailbox. Mailers are equivalent to discounts because before local labs are quite expensive. Today there is only one k-process lab in the world and that is Dwayne’s. If you want to get discount in the processing of your slide film then get a Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer. With Dwayne’s you are only charged about $8 for processing for film. The Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer can be obtained at a cheap price.

They say that PK-mailers are used in processing 36 exposure rolls. You can also insert a PK 12 mailer and combine it with a Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer. Before it was possible to have push or pull processing. All you need to do is insert a second mailer and write down instructions. This is no longer the case and you can’t just pay extra for scanning. In terms of scanning service, they offer the same as with local camera shops. They are not the same with modern slide film. It is best to just purchase your own film scanner. There are a lot of benefits of acquiring a Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer.

The number one is the handling which proves to be better than mailing in traditional way. Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer is the best thing in this matter. Sometimes people may have a hard time writing down their address in the small space provider. The handwriting can cause delays. With Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer, you can put the address in pre printed address label. They can be secured in scotch tape. The turn around time is about five days to a week. The processing is high in quality and consistent with old service.

Definitely the Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer wouldn’t become obsolete. There are a lot of people who sell them on the internet. They want to get rid of this from junk drawers. Even old Kodalux Pk-24 Slide Mailer is valid for processing as long as they are not expired. These mailers are best for bargain and they can get cheaper as years go by. Definitely mailers are a big help in the past years but you can actually take advantage of them today.